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Andrea Iannelli

Herr Prof. Dr.

Trustworthy Autonomy for Smart Adaptive Systems
Institut für Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik


+49 711 685 67730
+49 711 685 57730


Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 2.244


Thursday, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m., room 2.244. 

On 2.5 and 9.5 there will be no office hour due to a Faculty retreat and a national holiday, respectively. You are welcome to contact me to schedule private appointments as replacements.

During the semester break, the weekly office hour on Thursday is paused. You are welcome to contact me to schedule a private appointment.


The research focus of my group is on fundamental questions pertaining modelling, analysis, and control of uncertain linear and nonlinear dynamical systems. We pursue research on both model- and data-based approaches, convinced that reconciling these two viewpoints and leveraging the respective strengths is key to achieve safety and reduce conservatism for efficient and optimal operation of complex systems. The basic research questions we explore lie at the intersection of control theory, optimization and learning and include: data-driven control theory; system identification; uncertainty quantification; optimization; robust control; dynamical systems theory.

The overarching goal of our research is to foster trustworthy autonomy by contributing to progress on the design of intelligent systems for a sustainable society, especially in the fields of energy and transportation systems and industry 4.0.

The three main research areas we are focusing on at the moment are

  • System identification and data-driven modelling
  • Learning-based control
  • Sequential decision making in dynamical systems

Additional information such as updates from the group, a complete list of publications and project descriptions are available on my personal webpage.


An updated list of publications, together with the author accepted manuscripts and links to the final authenticated versions, can be found here.


See also: Google Scholar and Research Gate profiles.

  • Optimal Control  WS 2022
  • Advanced Topics in Convex Optimization  SS 2023

Academic Positions

Since 10/2022

Tenure-Track Junior Professor.

Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control,

University of Stuttgart, Germany

05/2019  - 09/2022

Postdoctoral Researcher.

Automatic Control Lab

ETH Zürich, Switzerland

09/2015 - 04/2019

Research Associate

Control and Dynamical Systems

University of Bristol, United Kingdom



09/2015 - 04/2019

Ph.D. in Control and Dynamical Systems, University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Thesis: Robust linear and nonlinear modelling and analysis approaches for uncertain aeroelastic systems


10/2011 - 03/2014

M.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy.

Master thesis: Nonlinear aeroelastic analysis of highly deformable Joined-Wing configurations

10/2008 - 09/2011

B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy.

Bachelor thesis: Modeling the extraction/retraction mechanism of landing gears through object oriented approach



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