Vortrag von Prof. Sergey Dashkovskiy

27. November 2018

--- Titel: Input-to-State Stability and Interconnected Systems

Zeit: 27. November 2018
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Prof. Sergey Dashkovskiy
Institute of Mathematics
University of Würzburg, Germany


Tuesday 2018-11-27 16:00
IST-Seminar-Room 2.255 - Pfaffenwaldring 9 - Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen



In this presentation we begin with an introduction to ISS and related notions. Several characterizations of these notions, in particular by means of Lyapunov functions, will be provided and illustrated by examples. Then we will show how the small-gain theory in the ISS framework can be applied to study stability of interconnected systems.






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MSc in Applied Mathematics 1996 from Lomonossow University Moscow, PhD in Mathematics 2002 from the University of Jena, Habilitation in Mathematics 2009 at the University of Bremen, 2011–2015 Professor of Mathematics at the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt, since 2016 Professor at the Institute for Mathematics at the University of Würzburg.






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