Vortrag von Prof. Sahin Albayrak

3. Dezember 2015

--- Titel: Service-oriented software development in automotive environments – The „Service Centric Car“

Zeit: 3. Dezember 2015
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Prof. Sahin Albayrak 
Technical University of Berlin, Germany


Monday 2015-11-16 16:00
IST-Seminar-Room V2.268 - Pfaffenwaldring 9 - Campus Stuttgart-Vaihingen



Digitalisation is a term, which is indispensable in future visions of almost any kind. Driven by the ideology of the Internet of Things, current developments strive towards a comfortable integration of IT-capable devices – the common vehicle is no exception here. In order to facilitate the integration of highly heterogeneous devices, one particular perspective has gained much attention over the last years, namely functionality. In software-engineering, we understand functionality as a service, which is offered in a standardised fashion. If one combines this standardised format with an additional semantic description of the service, impressive scenarios become feasible. As an example, consider an electric vehicle, which – depending on the availability of locally produced energy (e.g. energy from renewable sources) – is either being charged or used to supply the local energy demand. All of this – of course – under the assumption that the vehicle remains operational. One way to reach such a goal is the consequent application of the service-based approach – in the case of the vehicle we refer to this metaphor as Service Centric Car.


Biographical Information

Prof. Albayrak holds the Chair „Agent technologies in business applications and telecommunication“ at the Technische Universität Berlin. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany, founded several highly renowned international research centres and acts as a consultant for ministries in Germany and in Turkey. Prof. Albayrak’s research revolves around the following topics: Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Big Data, Electric Mobility, Cyber Security, and Future Networks.

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