Biologische Regelungsysteme (2V)

WS 2016/17

Lecturer: Dr. Zoltan Tuza
Credits: 2V


Dr. Zoltan Tuza

Time and place (2h lecture)

Wednesday 9:45-11:15, location: V9.22
First lecture: October 26, 2016

Course description

This course will give an introductory overview of feedback control and its application in biological systems. The main focus will be on feedback control and several examples will highlight this concept in biology.

We will start with a recap of dynamical systems and concept of stability. State space models will serve as a backbone of the course: stability analysis, controllability, observability, and pole placement will be introduced within state space models. We will also cover some parts of Frequency Domain analysis (Bode plots, Nyquist diagram) and modeling (Laplace and Fourier transformation).
This course is suitable for master students from "Technischen Biologie" with specialization "Biologische Systeme". The course is part of the module "Regelungssysteme für die Technische Biologie".

Throughout the course, we will use two books (available online for free):

Karl J. Åström and Richard M. Murray, Feedback Systems: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers (First edition)

Domitilla Del Vecchio and Richard M. Murray, Biomolecular Feedback Systems


Systems Theory in Systems Biology and Introduction to Systems Biology are strongly recommended prerequisites for this course! The course is given in English.

Additional information, exercises, and further course material are available on the ILIAS-page of the course.



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