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Future Students


Lego Roboter (Quelle: LEGO Education)
Source: LEGO Education

In the yearly ROBORACE competition, pupils and students are challenged with a new task from the area of Engineering Cybernetics. After a kickoff event, during which the task is presented, all participating teams have around four weeks to construct a robot on the basis of the LEGO-Mindstorms-EV3-System, which is able to solve the task autonomously. Past challenges included autonomous driving on a given race track with obstacles or autonomous following of another vehicle.

The competition gives pupils an exciting brief glimpse into the study of Engineering Cybernetics and the work as an controls engineer. Students get the chance to apply their newly gained knowledge in an early stage of their bachelor program and obtain an outlook on future courses.

Further information, an overview of past competitions and current announcements can be found here (German only).


The MINT-Kolleg (German only) offers a variety of opportunities to strengthen your subject-specific knowledge during the transition from school to a degree program in the MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, engineering).

Further Information and an overview of the different offerings before university and during the first terms can be found here (German only).

Mathematics is the most basic foundation of engineering science, profound knowledge is of particular importance in the degree program of Engineering Cybernetics. To facilitate your first steps into your professional studies and to refresh and complement your knowledge you gained at school the University of Stuttgart offers a pre-study course in Mathematics (German only).

Further Information can be found here (German only).


This image shows Matthias Köhler (Hirche)

Matthias Köhler (Hirche)


Research Assistant

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