Thesis projects at the IST

Overview of the student thesis projects

The IST offers a variety of different thesis projects from the broad area of systems and control theory.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for an open thesis project below, please contact the corresponding research assistants. For general information concerning thesis projects at the IST, please contact Lukas Schwenkel.

Open thesis:

All thesis projects can be written both in German and English. 

Bachelor, Study, and Master  Theses

Topic Type Research Area Advisor
Accelerated Gradient methods for Constrainted Optimization MA

Convex Optimization, Robust Control

Fabian Jakob
Data-driven adaptive control of time-varying systems MA Nonlinear control, Data-based control, Adaptive control Andrea Iannelli
Performance of Positive Switched Linear Systems with Constrained Switching MA Networked Control Systems Marc Seidel
Convergence and robustness of variational quantum algorithms MA, Hiwi Robust control, Quantum computing  Julian Berberich
Implementation of a Data-Driven Model Predictive Controller for a Self-Stabilizing Bicycle MA, SA Data-Driven Control, MPC, Autonomous Vehicles  Yifan Xie
Learning linear approximations of nonlinear systems in the presence of Gaussian noise MA Control theory, System identification, Statistical learning theory Nicolas Chatzikiriakos
Robust quantum machine learning MA, Hiwi Quantum computing, Machine learning, Robustness Julian Berberich
Robust MPC for quantum systems MA, Hiwi  MPC, Quantum systems Julian Berberich
When are linear systems hard to learn? MA Control theory
System identification
Statistical learning
Nicolas Chatzikiriakos
Numerical integration for self-triggered control MA Networked Control Systems Michael Hertneck
Accurate Lipschitz constant estimation for NNs using integral quadratic constraints MA Control theory for neural networks Patricia Pauli, Simon Lang
Distributed MPC for coordination of systems with conflicting objectives MA MPC Matthias Köhler
Data-driven distributed MPC of dynamically coupled linear systems MA MPC, data-driven control  Matthias Köhler

Finished projects:


Topic Research Area Advisor
Control of a magnetic levitation apparatus

Control application

Michael Hertneck

State Estimation for Localization of Autonomous E-Scooters

Autonomous driving

David Meister

Tracking MPC with Obstacle Avoidance
for an Autonomous E-Scooter

Autonomous driving

Robin Strässer, David Meister

Control and Trajectory Planning of Rear-Steered Bicycle

Autonomous driving

Yifan Xie
Developing a Controller for Curve Leaning of an Autonomous E-Scooter

Autonomous driving

Felix Brändle
Influence of different basis functions on the feasibility of data-driven control methods for polynomial systems

Data-Driven Control

Robin Strässer
Dynamic self triggered control based on Lipschitz continuity

Networked Control Systems

Michael Hertneck
Parameter Identification for a Self-balancing Autonomous E-Scooter

Autonomous driving

Marc Seidel, Felix Brändle
Whitebox-Attacken auf neuronale Netze unter Verwendung von multivariaten Lipschitz-Konstanten

Robust neural networks

Patricia Pauli
Identifikation of a motor model for controlling LEGO Mindstorms robots

Controller design for LEGO-Mindstorms

Tim Martin
Lipschitzkonstantenschätzung für Residual Neural Networks

Robust neural networks

Patricia Pauli



Topic Research Area Advisor
Implementation of cloud-based encrypted control

Networked Control Systems

Sebastian Schlor, Stefan Wildhagen
Event-triggered control for containability of finite input control systems

Networked Control Systems

Sebastian Schlor, Stefan Wildhagen
Evaluation of event-triggered control

Networked Control Systems

Michael Hertneck
Identifikation of a motor model for controlling LEGO Mindstorms robots

Controller design for LEGO-Mindstorms

Tim Martin
Neural network approximation of a balancing controller for autonomous e-scooters

Neural network controller design

Patricia Pauli, David Meister
Comparison of Data-driven and Identification-based Control

Data-Driven Control

Julian Berberich
Model Predictive Control for Linear Uncertain Systems Using Pointwise Integral Quadratic Constraints

Model Predictive Control

Lukas Schwenkel
Distributed non-cooperative robust economic predictive control for dynamically coupled linear systems

Model Predictive Control

Matthias Köhler, Lukas Schwenkel
Robustness analysis and comparison of Bayesian and Lipschitz neural networks

Guarantees for neural networks

Patricia Pauli, Henning Schlüter
Conservatism analysis of Lipschitz bounds for neural networks

Guarantees for neural networks

Patricia Pauli



Topic Research Area Advisor
Development of a 3D visualization environment of a 3-DOF-helicopter

Modelling and Simulation

Robin Strässer, Matthias Hirche
Regelung des Aufschwingens eines invertierten Pendels mittels modellprädiktiver Regelung

Model Predictive Control

Matthias Hirche, Lukas Schwenkel
Robust verification of dissipativity properties from noisy data

Data-Driven Control

Julian Berberich
Discounted Economic MPC without Terminal Conditions for Periodic Optimal Operations

Model Predictive Control

Lukas Schwenkel
Robust Predictive Control under Communication Constraints

Networked Control Systems

Stefan Wildhagen
Systematischer Reglerentwurf für die Stabilisierung eines LEGO-Mindstorms invertierten Pendels durch ein Reaktionsrad mit Matlab und Simulink

Controller design for LEGO-Mindstorms

Tim Martin
Systematischer Reglerentwurf für einen LEGO-Mindstorms Ballbot Controller design for LEGO-Mindstorms Tim Martin
Active Forgetting in Adaptive Control

Adaptive control

Sebastian Schlor, Dennis Gramlich
Optimal Route Planning for Autonomous Micromobility Solutions

Autonomous driving

David Meister, Philipp Wenzelburger
Data-driven dissipativity verification for polynomial input-output systems

Data-driven system analysis

Tim Martin
Obstacle avoidance and trajectory planning for an autonomous e-scooter

Autonomous driving

David Meister, Raffaele Soloperto,
Philipp Wenzelburger

Obstacle Detection and Local Mapping for Autonomous E-Scooters

Autonomous driving David Meister, Raffaele Soloperto,
Philipp Wenzelburger

Data-driven controller design via finite-horizon dissipativity

Data-driven control Julian Berberich, Anne Koch
Analysis of the parameter sensitivity of a biochemical reaction network using variance-based sensitivity analysis algorithms Sensitivity Analysis Vincent Wagner
Benchmarking of the Performance of Optimization Algorithms for Parameter Estimation of Stochastic Models Optimization Vincent Wagner
Periodic Event-triggered Consensus for Multi-agent Systems Based on Non-monotonic Lyapunov Functions Networked Control Systems Michael Hertneck, Steffen Linsenmayer
Training von neuronalen Netzwerken unter generalisierten Ungleichheiten Control theory for neural networks Patricia Pauli
LMI techniques for optimizing the Lipschitz constant in Wasserstein GANs Control theory for neural networks Dennis Gramlich, Patricia Pauli
Entwicklung einer E-Learning-Web-App zum Zeichnen von Bodediagrammen E-Learning

Henning Schlüter, Patricia Pauli



Topic Research Area Advisor
Exploration of the limits of the Method of Moments for chemical reaction networks Simulation of Chemical Reaction Networks Vincent Wagner
Performance Guarantees in Data-Driven MPC without Terminal Ingredients Data-Driven Control, MPC Julian Berberich, Johannes Köhler
Data-based Control for Polynomial Systems Data-Driven Control Julian Berberich
Saving Communication Resources in Control over Token Bucket Network Networked Control Systems Stefan Wildhagen
Control over Token Bucket Network with Time-Varying Terminal Ingredients Networked Control Systems Stefan Wildhagen
Vergleich von Trainingsmethoden für robuste neuronale Netze  - Robustheitszertifizierung mittels Lipschitzkonstante Control theory for neural networks Patricia Pauli
Parametrierung eines nichtlinearen Reglers für einen pneumatischen Zylinder mit Hilfe von Machine Learning Methoden Machine Learning Patricia Pauli, Christian Ebenbauer


Topic Research Area Advisor
Benchmarking of optimization methods for parameter identification in systems biology models Systems Biology Viviane Klingel
Introducing an Experimentally Validated
Model for DNMT1 Methylation Dynamics
Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Model Predictive Control for Obstacle-Aided Locomotion of Snake Robots MPC Philipp Köhler
Dynamic Management Optimization of
Supply Chain Networks using Distributed
Economic Model Predictive Control
MPC Philipp Köhler
Stability and Performance in transient average constrained Economic Model Predictive Control without terminal constraints MPC Johannes Köhler
Analysis and simulation of nonlinear oscillator
models using the example of the Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction
Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Momentenmethode für die Parameterschätzung von stochastischen chemischen Reaktionsnetzwerken Systems Biology Nicole Radde
A non-parametric bootstrap method for detecting manifolds in high-dimensional MCMC samples Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Probabilistic H2-norm estimation via
Gaussian process system identification
Data-based system analysis and control Anne Romer
Nonlinear Periodic Event-Triggered Control Based on Non-Monotonic Lyapunov Functions Networked Control Systems Steffen Linsenmayer



Topic Research Area Advisor
Economic and Distributed MPC for Snake Robot Locomotion MPC Philipp Köhler
Leveraging data in model predictive control MPC Meriem Gharbi,
Sebastian Trimpe,
Christian Ebenbauer
Analysis of the effects of experimental data normalisation on model calibration Systems Biology Caterina Tomaseth
Gradient-based sampling schemes for data-driven inference of passivity properties Data-based system analysis and control Anne Romer
Estimating pseudotime orthogonal signalling strength from mutual information Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
A Scalar Discrete-Time Gradient-Free Optimization Method based on Lie Bracket Approximations Extremum Seeking,
Jan Feiling,
Christian Ebenbauer
A novel Functional Exosystem Observer with application to relaxed barrier MPC MPC Christian Feller, Christian Ebenbauer
Learning an approximate model predictive controller with guarantees MPC
Learning control
Johannes Köhler, Sebastian Trimpe
Indefinite linear quadratic optimal control: periodic dissipativity and turnpike properties MPC Johannes Köhler, Matthias Müller
Formation control with event-based communication on the Robotarium platform Networked Control Systems Steffen Linsenmayer
Quantitative modeling of synthetic epigenetic circuits featuring memory effects and reversible switching based on DNA methylation Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Combined modeling of genetic and metabolic interactions of the Escherichia coli core carbon assimilation network Systems Biology Wolfgang Halter



Topic Research Area Advisor
MPC schemes optimizing process economics during target computation MPC Philipp Köhler
Dissipativity and Economic Model Predictive Control for Optimal Set Operation MPC Philipp Köhler
Verbindung von Einzelzellmethoden mit Zellzyklusmodellen Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
Modellidentifikation mittels statistischer Lernverfahren am Beispiel einer enzymgetriebenen Substratumsetzung Systems Biology Antje Jensch
Comparison of different extremum seeking schemes by means of a robot benchmark example Extremum Seeking Simon Michalowsky
Adaptation of an Apoptosis Model to Literature and Experimental Data Systems Biology Dirke Imig
Comparison of MPC topologies - A case study MPC Johannes Köhler,
Philipp Wenzelburger
Implementierung eines Reglers zur Synchronisation des Zellzyklus Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz,
Dirke Imig
Model predictive control for linear paramter-varying systems MPC Matthias Lorenzen
Methoden zur Korrelationsanalyse hochdimensionaler Datensätze Systems Biology Antje Jensch
Application of Clustering and Dimension reduction
techniques for data analysis
Systems Biology Antje Jensch
Simulation framework for traffic analysis of event-based sampling concepts Networked Control Systems Steffen Linsenmayer
Modelling and analysis of membrane transporters in
the thyorid pituitary feedback loop
Modelling, Medical Technology Matthias Müller
Analysis and control of a  float glass plant Modelling Philipp Wenzelburger
Stochastic Model Predictive Control with Output Feedback MPC Matthias Lorenzen
A systems theoretic analysis of human motor control - application to a single-joint arm model Medical Technology Matthias Müller
Modellierung eines Fahrrades mit Hinterradlenkung in SimMechanics Modelling Rainer Blind
Accelerated Gradient Methods for Convex Optimization Optimization Simon Michalowsky
Robust economic model predictive control for periodic operation with application to supply chain networks MPC Florian Bayer
Novel moving horizon estimation approaches for discrete-time linear systems MHE Christian Feller
Berücksichtigung von Kollisionen bei der Objekt-verfolgung mittels Mean-Square-Error-Schätzers State Estimation Rainer Blind
Robust model predictive control approaches based on Gaussian process models MPC Matthias Müller
Distributed economic model predictive control under inexact minimization with application to power systems MPC Matthias Müller
State estimation over correlated channels with packet dropouts Networked Control Systems Steffen Linsenmayer



Topic Research Area Advisor
Tube-Based Robust Nonlinear Explicit Model Predictive Control MPC Florian Bayer,
Florian Brunner
Approximation of convex cost functions with piecewise affine cost functions in Model Predictive Control MPC Florian Brunner
Analyzing Synchronization in Networks of Linear Systems with Delay Using the Lambert W Function Networks of Linear Systems Jan Maximilian Montenbruck
Lageschätzung mit einer inertialen Messeinheit am Fahrrad mit Hinterradlenkung Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Mathematical modeling and analysis of apoptosis in cell populations Systems Biology Zoltan Tuza
Output feedback model predictive control and state estimation based onrelaxed barrier functions MPC, MHE Christian Feller
Implementation of a fast semi-explicit Model Predictive Controller on a two-wheeled mobile robot MPC Gregor Goebel
Consensus-based Distributed Kalman-Bucy Filter for Continuous-time Systems Multi-agent systems Jingbo Wu
Model-based extremum seeking with observer-based output feedback Optimization Simon Michalowsky
Economic Model Predictive Control of interconnected bioreactors Systems Biology Wolfgang Halter
Stochastische Simulation von Prozessen der Partikelbildung Systems Biology Wolfgang Halter
Model predictive pontrol without terminal constraints for switched nonlinear systems MPC Matthias Müller
Modelling the Autophagy Network Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
Investigation of bifurcation structures in a single-phase power electronic inverter Dynamical Systems Viktor Avrutin
Merging two models of CD95 signal transduction Systems Biology Wolfgang Halter



Topic Research Area Advisor
Fehlerquellen und deren Bewertung bei der digital vernetzen Regelung Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
On Compensating Packet Losses in Networked Control Systems Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Regelung eines Fahrrads mit Hinterradlenkung Robust Control Matthias Lorenzen, Rainer Blind
An approach to nonlinear explicit model based predictive control MPC Florian Bayer,
Florian Brunner
Extremum Seeking of an Arduino Robot Optimization Hans-Bernd Dürr
Lie Bracket Approximation and Extremum Seeking on the Infinite Time Interval Optimization Hans-Bernd Dürr
Sensitivity analysis and identifiability methods for non linear ODE models in systems biology: an applications study for the MAPKinase signalling pathway Systems Biology Caterina Thomaseth
Determining the cell cyle-dependent levels of cCaspase8/-3 of NCI-H460 cells after stimulating with Db-scTRAIL using snapshot data of flow cytometry measurements Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
Modelling of a rear-wheel steered bicycle Modelling Rainer Blind, Matthias Lorenzen
Cooperative Control of Nonholonomic Vehicles under Communication Constraints Cooperative Control Georg Seyboth
Modeling of DLC1 Dynamics in Mammalian Cells Systems Biology Patrick Weber
Extending subspace clustering based parametrizations for MPC via application of an interpolation technique MPC, machine learning Gregor Goebel
Cell age- and tumour size-structured population model for cancer spheroids Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
The role of phosphatases for heregulin induced stimulation of AKT - a modeling study Systems Biology Karsten Kuritz
Estimation of Harmonic Signals by an Output Regulation Approach with Arbitrary Exponential Rate of Convergence Output Regulation Gerd Schmidt
Sampling-basierte Analyse von Feedback in Signaltransduktionsnetzwerken am Beispiel eines Modells des MAP-Kinase-Pathways Systems Biology Caterina Thomaseth
Modeling and simulation of a three-dimensional tumor spheroid Systems Biology Dirke Imig
Zustandsrekonstruktion heterogener Populationen via algebraischer Rekonstruktionsverfahren Linear Systems,
Ensemble observability
Shen Zeng
Reglerentwurf für Ballroboter mit Backstepping einer Navigationsfunktion Nonlinear Control  Jan Maximilian Montenbruck
Kooperative Regelung einer Gruppe von Quanser Labor-Helikoptern Cooperative Control Georg Seyboth
Datenübertragung in vernetzten Regelungssystemen Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind



Topic Research Area Advisor
Explizite Berücksichtigung von Verzögerungen und Paketverlusten im LQ-Reglerentwurf Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Experimentelle Implementierung eines zeitkontinuierlichen Algorithmus für die modellprädiktive Regelung linearer Systeme MPC Christian Feller
Monotone Feedback Systems in Systems Biology Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Bifurkationsanalyse eines Modells zur mitotischen Kontrolle in Froscheiern Systems Biology Nicole Radde
Analysis of the Musculoskeletal System with switching Dynamics Nonlinear systems Karsten Kuritz
Network Synthesis through Eigenvector Assignment Control Theory, Coupled Dynamical Systems Jan Maximilian Montenbruck
Robust Self-Triggered Model Predictive Control for Discrete-Time Linear Systems based on Homothetic Tubes MPC Florian Brunner
Analysis of a vertically driven spherical pendulum Nonlinear systems Simon Michalowsky
Incremental Input-to-State Stability as a Framework for Robust Model Predictive Control MPC Florian Bayer
Robust Model Predictive Control: Disturbances and Applications MPC Matthias Lorenzen, Florian Bayer
Coordination of unicycles with application to LEGO Mindstorms NXT Multi-agent systems Jingbo Wu
Analysis of a vertically driven spherical pendulum Nonlinear systems Simon Michalowsky
Developing and testing new advanced sampling algorithms for inverse problems in Systems Biology Systems biology Nicole Radde, Andrei Kramer, Patrick Weber
Experimentelle Implementierung eines zeitkontinuierlichen Algorithmus für die modellprädiktive Regelung linearer Systeme MPC Christian Feller
Calculation of a controller for polynomial systems with constraints and persistent disturbances using sum of squares MPC Florian Brunner, Christoph Maier
Implementierung und Vergleich verschiedener Modellprädiktiver Regler an einem Helikoptermodell MPC Florian Brunner



Topic Research Area Advisor
Consensus of Linear Systems under Switching Topology Cooperative Control Jingbo Wu
Formation forming with egoistic agents under consideration of aerodynamic interferences Distributed Control Rainer Blind
Model predictive control based on logarithmic barrier functions MPC Christian Feller
Linear model predictive control based on continuous-time optimization algorithms MPC Christian Feller
A stabilizing linear model predictive control scheme with adaptive horizon MPC Christian Feller
Distributed model predictive control for networks with time-varying communication topology MPC Matthias Müller
Validierung dynamischer Boolscher Systeme mittels Model Checking Systems Biology Christian Breindl
Structure Estimation of Gene Regulation Networks - Algorithms and Complexity Systems Biology Christian Breindl
Vorwärts-Invarianz stochastischer Differentialgleichungsmodelle von Genregulationsnetzwerken Systems Biology Christian Breindl
Sensitivitätsanalyse von Boolschen Optimierungsproblemen mit Anwendungen zur Strukturschätzung von Genregulationsnetzwerken Systems Biology Christian Breindl
Bayesian mixed-effect modeling of contrast agent data for decision-support when diagnosing diffuse liver disease Systems Biology Patrick Weber
Entwicklung eines Regelungstechnik Spiels für Android Smartphones - Visualisierung auf Basis von OpenGL Systems Biology Patrick Weber
Multistabilitätsanalyse von Genregulationssystemen anhand von Konzepten der Mehrgrößenregelung Systems Biology Daniella Schittler



Topic Research Area Advisor
Robustifying a distributed MPC approach for cooperative control of dynamically decoupled systems MPC Matthias Müller
Stimulus Design employing NMPC and Parameter Estimation - A TNF Signal Transduction Model as a Case Study MPC, Systems Biology Marcus Reble
Trajectory-based model reduction: comparison and applicability Model Reduction Martin Löhning
Kooperative Regelung über ein Computernetzwerk mittels Quanser Real-Time Control Software Networked Control Georg Seyboth
Untersuchung von Retransmission Schemes für vernetzte Regelungen Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
l1-Optimal Collective Pitch Controller Design for a 5MW Wind Turbine Robust Regelung, Windenergie Simone Schuler
Development of a Suitable Framework for Modeling Dynamic Changes in an Interaction Network Systems Biology Daniella Schittler
Stochastische Differentialgleichungsmodelle für Genregulation Systems Biology Daniella Schittler
Deterministic gene switches vs. populations of stochastic gene switches Systems Biology Daniella Schittler
Modeling SMS driven conversion of ceramide to sphingomyelin reveals the existence of a positive feedback mechanism Systems Biology Patrick Weber



Topic Research Area Advisor
Stabilization of a rear-steered rider-controlled bicycle Applications Rainer Blind
Model Predictive Control for Time-Delay Systems MPC, Time-Delay Systems Marcus Reble
Model predictive control of switched nonlinear systems - a CSTR case study MPC Matthias Müller
Controller Order Reduction for a 5MW Wind Turbine Considering l1 Performance Objectives Modellreduktion, Windenergie Simone Schuler
Modellidentifikation für den Zusammenhang zwischen Leistung und Herzfrequenz Modellidentifikation Rainer Blind
Development of a Simulation Environment for Networked Control Systems Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Sekretionskontrolle am trans-Golgi-Netzwerk Erstellung und Analyse eines Differentialgleichungsmodells Systems Biology Patrick Weber
Analyses of inverse problems with the example of a PI4KIIIß protein overexpression model Systems Biology Patrick Weber



Topic Research Area Advisor
Decentralized Control via Output Feedback - Designing Structured Controllers Dezentrale Regelung Simone Schuler
Dezentrale Regelung für höherdimensionale Subsysteme mittels Reduktion der Reglerstruktur Dezentrale Regelung Simone Schuler
Model Predictive Control for Periodic Systems MPC Marcus Reble
Unconstrained Model Predictive Control for Time-Delay Systems MPC, Time-Delay Systems Marcus Reble
Parameter estimation using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling Model Reduction Martin Löhning
Simulation of netwoked event-based control Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Modellierung des SAC Checkpoints Systems Biology Patrick Weber



Topic Research Area Advisor
Versuchsaufbau eines Praktikumsversuchs für das Praktikum RT I Implementation Marcus Reble
Entwurf eines Hinf-Reglers für eine 5MW Windenergieanlage Robuste Regelung, Windenergie Simone Schuler
Wahrscheinlichkeitsbasierte robuste Regelung Robuste Regelung Simone Schuler
linf-Gain Controller Order Reduction for Discrete-Time Systems Modellreduktion Simone Schuler
On optimal control over networks with lossy links Networked Control Systems Rainer Blind
Analysis and Model Reduction of a Cell Population Model Model Reduction Martin Löhning



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