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Beside the main reseach topics, the IST is also interested in the various forms of eLearning and their influence on modern teaching methods. In different projects, we try to find new ways to improve the quality of academic education.         

Educational Games

Since 2005, we are using educational games in the course „Einführung in die Regelungstechnik“ and "Konzepte der Regelungstechnik ("Introduction to Automatic Control" and "Concepts of Automatic Control"). The following images show screenshots of some of these games. Please click on this link to get to the games.

 Homescreen of "Space Controllers"  Flightscreen of "Space Controllers" submarine RT during game

Interactive Learning Modules

This project started within the 100-online program at the University of Stuttgart. The goal was to illustrate fundamental topics of control engineering. Because of its webbased design, it can be used both as an interactive part of the lecture and as a selfstudy module that the students can access online.