Autonomous E-Scooter at i-Mobility fair 2023

April 17, 2023

Last week, Felix Brändle, David Meister, Marc Seidel, and Robin Strässer, who are all part of Prof. Frank Allgöwer's research group, had the opportunity to represent the Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control of the University of Stuttgart at the i-Mobility fair held at Messe Stuttgart. The i-Mobility fair aims to highlight and promote sustainable mobility solutions and cutting-edge technologies for the future of transportation. Visitors had the opportunity to explore and engage in discussions about the latest trends and advancements in electric mobility, connected vehicles, autonomous driving, smart transportation systems, and other innovative technologies that are paving the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly future of transportation.

At the joint booth of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg, they proudly showcased their latest prototype: an autonomous and self-balancing E-Scooter, as part of the MobiLab initiative. The MobiLab initiative is an ambitious effort by the University of Stuttgart to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. The vision for the autonomous e-scooter is to provide an innovative micro-mobility solution within our campus, reducing the number of e-scooters required compared to conventional e-scooters while minimizing the impact on walking paths, as conventional e-scooters often obstruct pedestrian routes and are not always parked responsibly.

For more details about the project and its current status, please visit

The time at the fair was truly inspiring, with engaging discussions held with the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann. It was a remarkable experience to exchange ideas and perspectives with fellow industry professionals and enthusiasts who share the same passion for sustainable transportation solutions.

We would like to thank our student team members Christian Dratwa, David Hambach Ferrer, Philipp Müller-Bardorff, Moritz Rieger, and Marvin de Vries for their support during the event.

Instagram Reel of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg about the project.

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