Autonomous E-Scooter impresses at the Science Day 2023 at the University of Stuttgart

May 13, 2023

[Picture: Universität Stuttgart/ IST]

At this year's Science Day at the University of Stuttgart, the presentation of the autonomous e-scooter developed by the Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, supervised by Prof. Frank Allgöwer, sparked enthusiasm. Marc Seidel and Robin Strässer thrilled the visitors with the latest advancements of the project.

The Science Day allowed scientists and researchers to present their latest developments to a broad audience. The presentation of the autonomous e-scooter was an intriguing contribution to the event and attracted numerous visitors.

The e-scooter, a subproject of MobiLab, brought together various disciplines and research focuses, particularly combining practical implementation with theoretical concepts. Through the integration of sensors, algorithms, and intelligent controllers, the e-scooter is self-stabilizing and can be navigated with the help of an external controller.

The presentation also emphasized the potential applications and advantages of the autonomous e-scooter, such as its integration into an integrated campus transportation system. In the future, the e-scooter is intended to navigate autonomously, detect obstacles, and move safely around the campus.

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