Autonomous E-Scooter impresses at the Science Day 2024 at the University of Stuttgart

June 8, 2024

[Picture: Universität Stuttgart/ IST]

This year's Science Day at the University of Stuttgart was once again a great success, not least thanks to the successful presentation of the autonomous e-scooter developed at the Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control under the direction of Prof. Frank Allgöwer.

The Science Day offers scientists and researchers the opportunity to present their most innovative projects to a broad audience. The presentation of the autonomous e-scooter was a special highlight of the event and attracted numerous interested visitors.

The autonomous e-scooter, a project within the MobiLab research project, combines numerous scientific disciplines and research focuses. Particularly noteworthy is the successful integration of advanced control technology with sensors, actuators and complex algorithms that enable the e-scooter to balance and orient itself in its environment.

During the presentation, the e-scooter team explained how the autonomous e-scooter works and the many applications and benefits it offers. It is planned to use the e-scooter on the Campus Vaihingen of the University of Stuttgart to enable emission-free micro-mobility. A central goal of the project is to develop the e-scooter so that it can balance itself, navigate autonomously, detect obstacles, and operate safely in different environments.

The Science Day presentation impressively demonstrated the progress and potential of the prototype on display. Future developments could make the e-scooter an indispensable part of modern micro-mobility, thus making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

We thank the project leaders Robin Strässer and David Meister as well as the participating students Carolina Keim-Werlang, David Hambach Ferrer, Jan Kautz, Marvin De Vries, Nathan Gerber, Philipp Müller-Bardorff, and Tobias Pruss.

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