WS 2018/19

Statistische Lernverfahren und stochastische Regelung

Dozent/innen: Prof. Dr. N. Radde, Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Ebenbauer, Dr. Sebastian Trimpe
Aufteilung: 2V/2Ü



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Ebenbauer
Prof. Dr. Nicole Radde
Dr. sc. Sebastian Trimpe


Debdas Paul, M.Sc.,M.Eng.

Place and Time

Mon 9:45-11:15, V 9.31
Thu 9:45-11:15, V 9.41
First lecture: Thursday October 18, 2018

Course description

This course provides an introduction to the following topics.

  • Stochastic Simulation and Sampling Techniques
  • Bayesian estimation methods and filters
  • Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

Additional information, exercises, and course material

ILIAS (Ingenieurwissenschaften-> Technische Kybernetik -> Aktuelles Semester (Current Semester) -> Statistische Lernverfahren und stochastische Regelung).


Basic knowledge in the field of stochastic processes and modeling or the lecture "Stochastische Prozesse und Modellierung" (Stochastic processes and modeling)





This picture showsNicole Radde
Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Nicole Radde

Systems Theory in Systems Biology

This picture showsChristian Ebenbauer
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Christian Ebenbauer

Deputy head of institute

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