Data-Driven Control

WS 2021/22

Lecturer: Julian Berberich, M.Sc.
Scope: 1.5L/0.5E
Credits: 3

General Information


"Einführung in die Regelungstechnik" (ERT) and "Konzepte der Regelungstechnik" (KRT) or equivalent lectures


Wednesday 09:45-11:15 in room V9.2.253/V9.2.255

First lecture: 27.10.2021


Different control-theoretic approaches to analyzing systems and designing controllers based directly on measured data are covered. Among the topics that are handled are virtual reference feedback tuning, the data informativity framework, and Willems' Fundamental Lemma.


This lecture is offered within the 3LP master's module Advanced Methods in Systems and Control Theory.


The exam will be a written closed-book exam (i.e., keine Hilfsmittel!) and will last 60 minutes.


Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning:

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Data informativity:

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  • A. Koch, J. Berberich, and F. Allgöwer, "Provably robust verification of dissipativity properties from data", arXiv:2006.05974, 2020.
  • J. Berberich, C. W. Scherer, F. Allgöwer, "Combining prior knowledge and data for robust controller design", arXiv:2009.05253, 2020.

Willems' Fundamental Lemma:

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