Introduction to Adaptive Control

WS 2021/22

Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. D. Schwarzmann
Credits: 2V

First lecture: Thursday, 21.10.2021

General Information


Dr.-Ing. Dieter Schwarzmann, M.Sc.
Domain Responsible Software & Control Systems
Robert Bosch GmbH


Thursdays 15:45- 17:15
Location: V9.41

The lectures will be held in presence on Thursdays in V9.41. Since there are limited seats in the lecture room, the booking system on ILIAS must be used to reserve seats. If one is unable to attend the live lectures, one can also view the recorded lectures that will be uploaded to ILIAS.


Adaptive Control deals with the control of systems with unknown parameters. This is done by learning the controller parameters online and ensuring a stable operation of the closed-loop system. An adaptive controller, essentially, is a nonlinear controller that turns into a linear controller (for linear systems) once learning has finished.

This lecture aims at introducing the theory and practice, abilities and limitations of the mainstream adaptive control concept, namely "Direct Model-Reference Adaptive Control" in continuous-time. This method is widely used e.g. in flight control of modern aircrafts. We will talk about other approaches and adaptive control of nonlinear systems, but focus on the understanding of the above, in theory and practice.

The learning goals are how and why an adaptive controller works, when to use it, when not, how to improve it, and some robustness extensions.

The course is intended for (Master) students having visited ERT and KRT or equivalent lectures. Advanced control courses, such as Nonlinear Control or Robust Control, will be helpful.

The course is given in English.


Narendra and Annaswamy, Stable Adaptive Systems, Dover, 2005


The exam will follow an oral exam format. The exam slots are usually spread out over 2 days. The exact dates will be determined towards the end of the lecture period.


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