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Victoria Grushkovskaya

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Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Systemtheorie und Regelungstechnik
Pfaffenwaldring 9
70569 Stuttgart
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Mathematical control theory:

  • stabilization of nonlinear systems
  • motion planning for control-affine systems
  • extremum seeking
  • convex optimization
  • synchronization problems

Properties of essentially nonlinear systems:

  • asymptotic behavior of solutions 
  • critical cases of stability
  • Lyapunov functions
  • stabilization of systems with uncontrollable linearization

Dynamical systems with strictly monotone measure:

  • attractors of dynamical systems
  • density functions
  • asymptotic stability for almost all initial values
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  • V. Grushkovskaya, H.-B. Dürr, C. Ebenbauer,  A. Zuyev
    Extremum Seeking for Time-Varying Functions using Lie Bracket Approximations.

  • A. Zuyev, V. Grushkovskaya
    Obstacle Avoidance Problem for Driftless Nonlinear Systems with Oscillating Controls .

  • C. Ebenbauer, S. Michalowsky, V. Grushkovskaya, B. Gharesifard
    ​​​​​​​ Distributed Optimization Over Directed Graphs with the Help of Lie Brackets .

since 2017
Postdoctoral Researcher,
Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany


2015 - 2017
Guest Researcher under the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers,
Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany

since 2016
Research Fellow,
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Sloviansk, Ukraine

2014 – 2016
Junior Research Fellow,
Institute of Mathematics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

Guest Researcher under the project “EU – Ukrainian Mathematicians for Life Sciences”
Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Junior Research Fellow
Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine